Pink balloons and a line down the block can only mean one thing … it’s donut day at Pleasant Beach Village. The line forms early as the hand-cut, freshly glazed donuts roll out of the kitchen and into the recognizable pink boxes, Wednesday through Sunday at The Marketplace. The unique flavor and texture of Pleasant Beach Donuts comes from its creator Chef Joe Benish’s desire to craft the perfect artisanal donut using no commercial yeast, and only the purest ingredients. The result is a handcrafted sourdough donut with a notably not-too-sweet taste and satisfying chew to the dough.

Pleasant Beach Donuts opened mid-May with 16 dozen donuts and a good hunch that people were hungry for a little nostalgia and an easy to access treat. The first batch sold out in less than an hour and #PBVdonuts has been breaking records ever since. The team recently opened a pop-up shop in Seattle’s Sand Point neighborhood, trucking dozens of fresh donuts over five mornings a week in a bright pink and white van, and duplicating the success of the Island’s original hand-cut donut. Donut lovers can get Pleasant Beach Donuts Wednesday through Sunday at The Marketplace in Pleasant Beach Village and Seattle Pop-Up. Pre-orders and standing orders available online.


Pleasant Beach Donuts
at The Marketplace
4738 Lynwood Ctr Rd NE

Pleasant Beach Donuts
Seattle Pop-Up
5414 Sand Point Way NE

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