After a short baker’s holiday, Pleasant Beach Donuts has re-opened! In addition to our original sourdough donuts, a new cake-based donut is now available, and it is spectacular in every way!

The now one-year-old shop, which opened Memorial Day weekend of 2020, initially offered a unique treat that separated Pleasant Beach Donuts from other donut shops around Washington state. Pleasant Beach Donuts original hand cut donuts were made from sourdough and hit the Island at a time when the community was starving for a little nostalgia and connection. It worked, and people were drawn to the not-too-sweet sourdough donuts.

Moving into our second year of operation and growing in popularity, Pleasant Beach Donuts now introduces a new, long awaited, cake-based donut recipe alongside our popular sourdough donuts.

The new cake-based donuts are available in rotating varieties that include a University of Washington themed donut, as well as powdered sugar, milk glazed, maple glazed, chocolate glazed, classic glazed, and caramel glazed donut holes. Donuts are available by individual donuts and by the dozen that can be ordered online and purchased in- store. Pleasant Beach Donuts – enjoy the taste of comfort, happiness, and a little bit of joy delivered in every bite! Available at The Marketplace at Pleasant Beach Village, Wednesday – Sunday 8 a.m.- 3 p.m.

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